Story of Nasir Miles

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Story of Nasir Miles

Post by Nasir Miles on Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:39 am

Character Name: Nasir Miles
  Appearance:  Appear's to look 22-23, but age is 20-21, built body, 5'10, 145lbs, light skin, left and right eye colour different, small scar near his left eye, small fuzz of chin hair growing.

Alias: Nas, Poss
Age: 19
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 145lb
Birthplace: Queen's/ New York
Current Residence: Belden Heights, Los Santos
Education: 9th grade
Travie Banks - Cousin [Deceased]
Kamron Jones - Cousin [Unknown]
Occupation: Unemployed
Vehicles: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR [Primo]

  Build: Toned
  Eye Color: Light brown/Dark brown
  Hair Color: Black
  Hair Style: Short hair/curl's      
  Piercings: Left ear, only
  Tattoo's: N/A
  Physical scars: Next to left eye
  Traits: - Loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant, dynamic, smart with surrounding's

 Nasir Miles grew up on the hard side of town in Jamaica, Queens. His father, James Miles, was a known drug dealer. His father was that one person that all the dope-head's and meth head's would go to, because of his smart thinking and his pricing. Nasir grew up only with his father, so the lifestyle he saw was the only thing he knew about. His mother, Nellie Jackson, passed away a few day's after Nasir's birth. So since Nasir had no mother in his life, he always looked up to his father. He used to mimic his father's action's when he was all alone, because he thought it was cool. He wasn't the nicest kid you would see in the street's. He never cared about anybody else but him and his father. In school, he was a troubled student. Always got into fight's, didn't do his work, and even cursed out a couple of teacher's. So because of his action's, he was suspended most of his school life. His dad never cared about school, so Nasir didn't either. So at the age of 13, he never went back to school. Since he didn't have anything else to occupy his time, he joined his father in the drug business. His dad tough his a couple of thing's to survive the street's, and how to spot cop's when they are undercover. Even tough him some thing's on how to sell without any problem's. Everything was easy after that, for at least a year that is.. As a whole year has past, trouble has come their way. A new local gang, Gangster Disciple's, James has been losing business to them. So for his though, to get the business up he should sell around their area. So one night, Nasir and his father rolled up near their area, and started to make money. At the time, they would have expected Gee-Dee to be sleeping, but they were wide awake watching them from a safe distance. They were plotting to take the both of them down. A day later, Nasir and his father did the same thing as the other night and stayed up late. As they were looking around for the people to come their way, two individuals with black hoodie's ran toward's them, hand's in their pocket's. As they got closer, Nasir got more scared. Then when they were up the crub form them, the Gangster Disciple member's pull out a 1911, firing shot's at the two as they try to flee. As Nasir run's for his life he didn't realize his father was gunned down. When his father hit the floor, the member's fleed the scene and never seen again.

As Nasir turn's around to find his father on the ground, he run's toward's him, tear's from his eye's. He reaches into his father's pocket's grabbing his gun and cock's the barrel back. He wiped the blood off of the gun, then begin's to walk away. He didn't know that police was down the block waiting for him to past. As soon Nasir walk's near the policemen, they tackled him and arrested him. They though he killed his father. After a few day's hold up in jail, they summened him to court. He tried to pleed not-guilty, but the evidence of him having a gun on him, and nobody else around him at the time, he couldn't win. So the judge charged him with manslaughter, and five year's in Juvenile Detention Center of NYC.   While he was serving his time, he started to read on book's, getting the education he never got and changing his way's. He thought about the life he had and how he would change when he got out. So as his sentence was over, he got all the money he could get and saved up for a place ticket to Los Santos, San Andreas. He over heard people talking about it in juvey, syaing how it's like a new start for everybody. So in his mind, he thought if he went over there he would be fine. So he brought a ticket and left new york, never wanting to go back.

When he got there, he didn't know where to start off. He explored Los Santos, checking on how the life was. He saw a little neighborhood, Belden Hight's. He didn't know what to expect, so he found an apartment around the area, and waited outside to see the life he was around. What he saw while outside, was what he was used to seeing. Gang member's on the corner, hanging around each other, laughing. He starting to think to himself, should he stick to the life he only know about, or try something new. He decided to stick to his old life, but with better respect for other's. So he started to be cool with the people around Belden, living their lifestyle.
Nasir Miles

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