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Tyrese Stubbs

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:44 pm

NAME: Tyrese Stubbs
ALIAS(ES): Reese
AGE: 16
DATE OF BIRTH: 8/19/1997
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Belden Apartment Complex
OCCUPATION: Part time job at Idlewood Gas Station

BUILD: Athletic Build
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 150lbs
EYE COLOR: Change from Green to Blue
PIERCINGS: Two in his ears
PHYSICAL SCARS: None visible
FAVORED WEAPONS: Doesn't use any weapons yet

LIKES: Basketball, Xbox, Being outdoors, Friends.
DISLIKES: Mom and Dad, School, Police, Older sister.
ADDICTION(S): Basketball, biting his nails.
FLAWS: Ears always dirty, sweats a lot. A nub where a 6th finger was.

Story of Tyrese Stubbs
Chapter 1:

Tyrese Stubbs, also known as "Reese" was born in All Saints hospital. His birth wasn't a normal birth due to him having a 6th finger grown onto his right hand. The doctors immediately had to remove the finger due to the parents not wanting a deformed child on their hands. Tyrese grew up in a struggling household. His father, Charles Stubbs, being a fat and lazy couch potato that sat at home all day drinking himself to death, didn't go out and work to pay for the bills the family needed nor would he take care of Tyrese's mom Alisha neither. He beat on Tyrese when he was a toddler for the amusement of it, and often had him take a drink of his liquor once or twice. Alisha his mother who was the do it all mom tried her best to take care of Tyrese but having a father that didn't do anything but waste the electricity bill and sit on his ass all day didn't help her out a lot. Alisha, doing the only thing she had left to take care of Tyrese, turned to prostitution as a source of profiting money for them to live off of. She didn't like doing what she did but she knew she had to. While Alisha was off prostituting for money, Tyrese's dad Charles was dying of severe liver cancer. Tyrese didn't know what to do but at the same time was kind of glad, being only the age of 7 he didn't know really what to feel from his father dying of this illness.

About two months later his father had passed away and his mother was still forced to live the life of a prostitute. Tyrese was going to school and got a lot of friends, being one of the popular kids at Los Santos elementary he also fell in love with the game of Basketball. Due to his home life being horrible, he would attempt to stay after school for as long as he could and practice his basketball skills. When he did get home his mother was either having intercourse with a guy or hungover from the night before. He had to fend for his own when it came to him living a normal life. For the next several years it was the same routine, basketball and dealing with his mom's issues. His mother got caught up with several big time thugs due to her attempting to steal money or just about anything from the local "gangsters". He had to fight a lot and tell a lot of lies just to be able to step foot inside of his house without being pleaded with answers for why this guys missing a hundred dollars or why that guy is missing a pair of Jordan's. Living his life was a long struggle but nothing stopped him from trying to pursue his dream on playing basketball.  

Chapter 2:
Now Tyrese lives off of paying the bills for his house with his part time job at Idlewood gas station. He still plays Varsity basketball for his High School and hopes to keep his dream alive... that was before a big bump in the road came along. One day on his way home from work he encountered a limousine parked outside of his apartment complex. He instantly knew the reason it was there was because of his mother. He rushed inside to seeing 3 men with suits confronting his mother. He got their attention with a shout and told them to leave his house immediately but the thugs wouldn't leave until the mother told them what they wanted to know. Apparently, his mother stole something of very large value from the man and he wanted either the object back or his money paid back in full. Tyrese ordered the men to leave and said he'd pay them back by the end of the month. Tyrese knew pumping gas into cars wasn't gonna cut it and had to find another source of income. On his way home he met a guy named Wendell when he dropped his basketball beside him when dribbling it. Wendell asked a lot of questions and Tyrese knew what type of guy Wendell was. Tyrese thought as he walked away from Wendell, "What if this was my golden ticket?" and proceeded to enter his apartment as he rested on his bed thinking about it...  (To Be Continued from IC events)  


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Re: Tyrese Stubbs

Post by Carmelo Taylor on Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:27 am

Wow this story was very interesting. And I cannot wait to see you in game.

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