How to become an "Affiliate". By Fishscale

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How to become an "Affiliate". By Fishscale

Post by Carmelo Taylor on Mon Jan 13, 2014 8:53 pm

This guide is very helpful and must be read in order to role play your character or give you an idea of how you would like to roleplay and become a affiliate to this faction. Thanks to Garethkier for showing me this thread.
Fishscale wrote:This post is NOT A RULE, it is a SUGGESTION that gives you guys a general idea and inspiration on how to roleplay your way in. You may do whatever you please on your character as long as it is realistic and reasonable!

In order for you to become a member of the Belden Heights Imperial Gangster faction, you must roleplay as an outsider. The term "outsider" is unrealistic and stupid. Now with that being said, I will explain to you guys how you should roleplay your character and what you must do in order for you to successfully become an Affiliate. For those of you who don't know what an Affiliate is, an Affiliate is the first rank you receive upon being invited into the faction. Once you pass that rank, you get jumped-in and receive a new rank.

How to become an Affiliate

Firstly, you shouldn't be attempting to join the faction with the goal of becoming an Affiliate. It's okay to have a few goals set for yourself, but that should not be something you are striving for during your roleplay experience as an outside member. Having a goal such as that will distract you from your roleplay and your character development. Instead, just focus on yourself and how you roleplay your character.

To become an Affiliate, you must be a teenager under the age of 18. In real life, gangs target younger children to reel in because they are easily manipulated and are susceptible to joining a gang after being given money and felt a sense of "acceptance" outside of their terrible life which may involve abusive parents, a dysfunctional family, money problems, etc etc. So if you want to become an affiliate, you need to make sure you are roleplaying a teenager. Now, after you're done thinking of a age you'd like to roleplay as, you must now think of how you want to roleplay your character and his/her approach. Here's a hint: don't run up to a group of people on 6th street saying "Hey, my name's blabla!", especially if it's your first day. I highly doubt you'd run up to a group of people you don't know in real-life and say shit like that. Just think of how you met your real-life friends. This also includes just standing around on 6th street near a large crowd and just doing nothing like a robot waiting for orders. What you should be doing is simply roleplaying within the neighborhood. You get noticed more by the invited members when you roleplay by yourself. I'm not saying that you have to go around being an emo with no friends, but you have to have a realistic approach to it all. Roleplay doing things on your own and you are bound to meet people along the way, it's just up to you to keep yourself occupied and entertained while being alone in the neighborhood.

After you've got your age down, you should make a few friends and slowly (Don't rush into meeting everyone. Take it slowly and things will fall into place) get known around the neighborhood. The first batch of friends you make play important roles for your character. Realistically, the first friend you make in real-life would be the person you feel most comfortable with and probably spend most of your time with. You'd rather be with them instead of other kids or members. Again, I'm not saying you HAVE to stay with these guys, it's just something you should take into consideration while developing your character in terms of realism. During your entire time as an outside member, it is VERY important that you DO NOT obtain or posses a gun of any kind and that you DO NOT kill anyone at all for any reason. If you get shot at, run for your life. DO NOT kill as outside members! Why? Because it ruins the whole process of your character development. If you're caught with a gun, it will be taken from you. The gang members are the ones who will corrupt you and drag you into the criminal life. You do not do it on your own. Try your hardest to stay away from criminal activities. Roleplay fear of actually committing major crimes (you can commit small crimes, but remember, you are a kid, not some badass mothafucka who can do whatever he wants).

If you've made it into a few weeks of constantly roleplaying your character and developing him to the bone without murdering anyone or owning a gun, then you're on the right track. If you're lucky, you'll be invited as an Affiliated member after a few weeks or maybe a month. It all depends on how well you do so be patient! Once you become an Affiliate, you are considered somewhat trusted. Trusted more than most of the kids, but trusted less than the jumped-in members. You still must remain the same age at this rank, so don't bother increasing it. You'll be put into a drug crew and will be expected to sell dope for the gang. You'll be spending most of your days earning more trust from the gang by generally kicking it with them on a daily basis and educating yourself with the gang's culture. You are STILL NOT ALLOWED TO KILL ANYONE, continue to run away from shootings, even as an Affiliate! Not even allowed to own a gun! NO! Why? Because once your time comes, you'll be called forth to complete your jump-in. After you've been jumped in, you'll be given your one studded rosary by one of the higher ranked members. We want to shape and mold you guys into fine characters who've been properly developed!

Side note: As a teenager, you should NOT be driving around in cars. It's unrealistic and stupid. As a teenager you wouldn't even have the money to buy a brand new car. Stop driving around in your cars and use bikes instead. This also includes Sanchezes and FCRs. In America, you don't get your license until you're 18, so if you don't at least ROLEPLAY the shit properly, then don't drive one. If you're seen driving around in a car it will look bad on you when the insiders start talking, so stop it people!
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