Alisa "Lisa" Coleman

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Alisa "Lisa" Coleman

Post by Donald Stacks on Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:46 pm

Age: 18
Birthplace: Downtown Los Santos
Residence: Belden Heights, LS
Education: High School Graduate
Relatives: Multiple Relatives
-Durk Coleman - Brother
-Tyler Nixon - Cousin
Occupation: Unemployed
Rap Sheet: Clean

The Beginning:

Alisa Coleman was born in January 2nd 1996 in Los Santos Downtown Hospital. As she grew up she was a problem child. She got in trouble in school a lot did drugs and got into fights but one thing she never played around with was her education. She went thru school flawlessly and completed her work. She graduated in San Fierro High School then soon after moved down to Los Santos with her mother. They lived around the Ganton area for a while where Rollin 20's the dominant gang of the area was at their most ruthless times and where you would hear gun shots every single night. Her family was very poor and never really had the nicest things. Her and her mother lived in a one room apartment where Alisa slept in the living room. Her mom worked hard as a single mother to always put food in the table. Some nights they didn't even have food to eat. Alisa always went out every day to look for a job around the area but never had luck in finding anything. Lucky her mother got a transfer from her job in San Fierro to Los Santos so they were able to get thru the days.

May of 2013:

Around this time Alisa Coleman has met up with her one and only brother Durk Coleman around the Belden Heights area. They never had a strong relationship since Durk wanted nothing to do with her most of the time and did his own thing but one thing about him is that he always loved his younger sister and protected her no matter what. Alisa started to hang more and more around with Durk meeting new friends then ended up moving in with him in the Belden Heights area. She then soon after found out Durk was in a gang and decided to join up with him. She did anything to prove her worth and to earn not only Durk's respect but also everyone else that he hangs around with. She eventually got known as a potential outsider and a valuable assets.

October of 2013:

It has been a couple of months since she's been a outsider of the gang and known as someone around the area. Everyday she would prove her worth and put in work for the block however and whenever she could. She would sell drugs and all kinds of it where told. Usually the spot where drugs would be sold is around a place called Melo's Block. Named after one of the gangs OG Carmelo Taylor. She wasn't known as one of the best seller but she sure as hell was one that honored her work and tried her best to distribute whatever she could in a understandable amount of time. The gang mostly revolves around drugs. Everything done is basically to make money. This is the way they all lived and this is the way they stayed alive. In order to pay and buy whatever they wanted this is what they all had to do.

December of 2013:

To Be Updated..
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Re: Alisa "Lisa" Coleman

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