Story of Ricky Banks.

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Story of Ricky Banks.

Post by RickyBanks on Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:41 pm

CHAPTER ONE: Birth of a Gangster

Young Ricky Banks was born on September 28th of 1993. He was born in room A57 in the Compton Memorial Hospital. His father was already dead from not paying his debt to the local drug dealers. His older brother Benny was a good kid and always respected his elders and listened to his mother. Benny was 6 when Ricky was born but they never seemed to like each other as they grew up.

CHAPTER TWO: Growing up in the hood

Ricky grew up in a "Bad" neighborhood with a lot of gang activity and HIGH crime rates which included Murder, Rape, theft, gun smuggling, etc.

He was only 6 years old when he began to notice the local gang that would go by the name of the "187 Compton Boulevard Crips". Ricky looked up to them as if they were gods on earth. Benny would tease Ricky when he talked about them. As Ricky grew up to be of the age of 9, The gang members noticed him watching them everyday after school. They began to talk to him and let him hang around with them often. As word got out that Ricky was "with the crips", Nobody every messed with him again. During school one day, a skinny, black kid named Antwon approached Ricky and threw his textbooks on the ground because he thought Ricky was a fraud. Young Ricky was taught by the Crips to NEVER let anybody fuck with him. Ricky balled his right fist, tightly, and sent a powerful punch to Antwon's face. Ricky was suspended while Antwon was down at the nurse's office with a black eye. Ricky's mother heard about this and approached him as soon as he came home, beating him with a belt. Benny watched and laughed. The next day, Ricky woke up at 3:45 am and sneaked into Benny's room. Benny was passed out while Ricky ran up to his bed and began to beat on him until he cried for his mother. His mother ran in and threw Ricky off of Benny and began to chase Ricky around the house. Ricky ran in his room, locked his door, and packed a backpack full of clothes. Ricky ran away from home and moved in with a 19 year old Crip named Jay. Jay made sure Ricky went to school and did his homework everyday and would yell at him if he didn't. Ricky never returned to his home.

CHAPTER THREE: What happens in Compton, Stays in Compton

Ricky was 16 when he got jumped in the Crips. He was given a blue bandana and the honor of being a 187 Compton Boulevard Crip.

One day, Ricky was asked to participate in a drive-by on the Uptown 349 Disciples which were located 9 blocks away from the Crips. Ricky accepted with no hesitation and hopped in the back seat with Jay. Jay looked over to Ricky and handed him a Colt .45 with a full clip. He said "Don't EVER use this other than today, understand?" Ricky nodded as they began to drive. Once they pulled up next to them, AJ who was an OG in the Crips, peeked his head out the window calling over the Uptown kids. Once they approached, AJ said "SUP NIGGAS?" and the windows began to roll down. Ricky aimed his gun out the window while Jay was on the other side, holding an UZI over the car. They both began to open fire on the Uptown kids. There were 4 confirmed kills before they drove off. Later on, The police arrived at Jay's house and arrested him and Ricky for questioning. Jay was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison while Ricky only got 3 because they never found proof of him doing anything, they found drugs on him instead.

CHAPTER FOUR: Goodbye Compton!

Ricky was released out of prison at the age of 19, two days before his birthday. Ricky returned to his hood only to find dead bodies in the apartments and a note saying "Sup Niggas" on the table next to an unloaded Glock and a Red Bandana. Ricky went to a Barber named Reggie and begged him for a ticket to Los Santos before Ricky was found and killed. Reggie agreed because Ricky was always a nice kid to him. Ricky packed a backpack and about $70 he had in some of his jeans and went on the plane to Los Santos.


Ricky arrived in Los Santos late at night and began walking around Idlewood where the nearest ghetto was. Along the way he met some Drug Dealers he hung out with for quite some time. He then met a local Drug Dealer who was apart of one of the biggest gangs in Los Santos which were located in Belden Heights, Imperial Gangsters. The man's name was Jay Folk. Jay had Ricky selling drugs on the street for him and making a lot of income. After his hard work, Ricky was finally introduced to the gang back in Belden. There he met Demarcus Adams, Carmelo Taylor, Demarion Wallace, and others. They had Ricky work on the streets for them, putting in work. Ricky witnessed the day when Jay was kicked out of Imperial but when Jay asked Ricky to leave with him, Ricky denied. Ricky stayed with Imperial and continues to put in work as much as he can to this day.


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